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Oil Products 

We carry a variety of essential oils and CBD products for both beauty and wellness. We have oil diffusers for the home and car. We also carry roll on essential oils as well as Aromatherapy jewelry.    


Home Products

Numerous items for the home that lean towards a hippie vibed atmosphere like: dream catchers, candles, salt lamps, incense, burners, singing bowls, rocks, crystals, journals, and much more. 



We have stones, leather, crystals, copper, silver, feathers, tassels, and acrylic jewelry.  Something for everyone!


Clothing & Accessories’s  

Hippie themed carefree clothing that will make you stand out in the crowd with style while being comfortable!  Bell bottoms, tye-dyed, and fringe never looked so good!

Razor cut clothing and purses. Boho &  Macrame bags

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